Monday, November 24, 2008

Evening Update (Monday 11/24)

Max had a bath in his spa this evening. (Apparently not all kids in the NICU are lucky enough to have their baths personalized--we don't know which of Georgetown's excellent nurses to thank for this.) Based on past baths, however, Max may not have enjoyed it very much.

Aside from that, not much to report. On the southern front, Max hasn't pooped since last night, although his belly remains soft and and his girth controlled. He's tolerated his feeds well, with little to no residuals or vomiting. We'll wait to see whether his intestines are up to the task of digesting all the milk he's getting. Oh, and no barium enema study today because once we got down to radiology (only Max's second trip out of the NICU, the first being for an MRI and a CAT scan in a single day, a previously unheard of feat), the radiologist said that the study couldn't be done if he had had a suppository in the previous 48 hours. So the good news is that Max didn't have to go through an unnecessary procedure. The bad news is that the barium study is delayed until Wednesday morning, and Max gets not help pooping from suppositories between now and then. Let's hope he's able to do it on his own.

Max's cranial circumference remains unchanged, despite today's earlier tap. The neurosurgeons seem likely to install a reservoir, with a view to eventually installing a shunt.