Thursday, April 23, 2009

We're home!

We made it home! We found Max at HSC this morning ready to leave:
Max at HSC

As I was changing Max I noticed something he wouldn't be needing:
No ID bracelets where you're going

Carolyn and I practiced placing a feeding tube up a baby's nose on a practice doll. Then I did it for real. It was certainly interesting. I put the new feeding tube in the other nostril. Carolyn carefully wiped away the accumulated adhesive from the tape that had held the previous one in place:
Playing at HSC

And then it was time to leave. (Actually, I'm skipping over a lot of steps, but the HSC eventually let us go.) We loaded Max into the car in the HSC parking garage:
The HSC parking garage

Max was very interested in the new sights and sounds during his drive home:
Driving home

And then we were home: