Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Max practices eating

As Carolyn explained yesterday, we plan to slowly step down the amount of food delivered to Max overnight and attempt to make it up with increased feedings of calorie-rich formula during the day. The ultimate goal is for Max to say good-bye to his feeding tube without requiring surgery to place a semi-permanent g-tube. In effect, one day in the next couple of months we envision pulling out Max's ng tube and simply not replacing it. (PS Did everyone get Carolyn's allusion to Robert Graves?)

However, year-old babies like Max don't live by bottle feedings alone. After all, he's got to put those sharp little teeth to good use. In the video below, a secret camera records Max's attempts to get down some very small crumbs of teething biscuits. He's clearly interested and working hard to get his fingers to cooperate: picking up the crumb and guiding it to his mouth is harder than you might expect. Why then does Max feel the need to transfer the precious crumb from one hand to the other? Practice? (Link to video here in case the embedded player doesn't work for you.)

Max Eating from Codered Summer on Vimeo.