Tuesday, January 19, 2010

A few updates

Max continues to enjoy a stretch of healthy days (since just before Christmas). He's been eating well -- pears, avocados, tofu, Doris' special lentil soup, and cracker snax. I was certain that he had gained a ton of weight over the last 2 weeks, but in fact he gained 2 ounces, bringing him to 20 lb, 7 oz. I was a bit disappointed that he hadn't gained enough for us to cut back his nighttime feeds again, but on reflection am glad that he is healthy, happy, and gaining even a little bit.

Earlier this month, Max had a routine check-up with the ophthalmologist. The good news is that his optic nerve looked good, there was no indication of intracranial pressure, and he still just has pseudostrabismus. But the doc did detect some laziness in Max's left eye, so the plan is to put a patch over his stronger right eye for 30 minutes per day for the next 3 months. If this doesn't strengthen his eye sufficiently, he'll need to have glasses.

Max has been really active lately, and over the long weekend practiced cruising along the sofa and coffee table (he has a few chin scrapes to show for it), climbing stairs, generally squirming around. It is a delight to see. New NG tube today, after a "free" day. We see the GI nurse practitioner on Monday and will get further guidance about the feeding plan then.