Saturday, September 5, 2009

Amount PO

Data through today's feeding. Yes, Carolyn and I didn't manage to get as much into Max today as D. ("the baby whisperer") did yesterday, but yesterday's total was 310 ccs. That's like a number from a science fiction movie.

Of course, the food we're putting into him during the day isn't the concentrated, fortified ultra-rich nourishment that goes into him at night, so you can't quite compare volumes. We're keeping the night-time volume around 650 ccs until we talk to a GI/nutritionist. But maybe a bunch of peas and rice and cereal aren't that different? And on Friday, Max got down two separate 100 cc bottles.

It was just a month ago that Carolyn and I would start with a 50 cc bottle and struggle with Max for 30 minutes and then kid ourselves that he'd gotten 10 ccs down. (In fact, because the thickening agent would sometimes continue to expand after being mixed into the bottle, I once finished with more than I had started with.)

Can you spot the trend break?