Monday, September 7, 2009

Time for a new ng tube

Another fine day for Max's PO feeding (see updated graph below).

I was daydreaming that Max's current ng tube might be his last--if his upswing in PO feeds continued at its current rate for a whole month, he could conceivably hit 900 ccs PO per day by the end. And then, when it was time to replace Max's ng tube, we might just leave it out.

Max, of course, chose tonight to pull out his ng tube. Another ironic punishment for a karmic sin! I'm getting sick of them.

Getting new ng tubes in has become more and more difficult as Max has gotten stronger. Tonight, Carolyn prepared a procedure area in the basement, complete with pre-cut lengths of tape, a new ng tube, lubricants, skin prep, a stethoscope and syringe. When she signaled that all was ready I scooped Max out of bed and hustled him downstairs as quickly as possible in the hope that he'd still be asleep when Carolyn inserted the new ng tube.

Of course, there's nothing quite like having a tube shoved up one's nose to interrupt peaceful sleep. Max fought like a Trojan but Carolyn kept a steady hand and managed to slip the tube down this throat at just the right moment (when he's swallowing in preparation for a fresh round of yelling is best).

Max quickly fell back asleep, and will likely chalk it up to a bad dream.