Saturday, May 23, 2009

Breakfast on the deck

One of the many winter storms that hit Washington this year smashed up the table we had on our deck. This morning the replacement table arrived, and we wasted no time in enjoying both the table and the warmer weather, which also arrived this morning. (Last week there was "patchy frost", not to mention "bitter cursing".)

Felix insisted on bringing out the school bus to have breakfast too:
Eating breakfast

Max started off playing with his star, but he was also (as usual) fascinated by his older brother. This isn't quite yet a mutual admiration society, but so far open hostilities haven't broken out. Carolyn and I are planning a series of confidence-building measures. Here's Max holding his toy star:
Max on the deck

Breakfast was interrupted by a roaring sound. Was it a neighbor doing some construction? An airplane? Felix correctly identified the sound as a helicopter:
Watching the president's helicopters

Close examination revealed it to be a "white top", part of the presidential fleet. They often circle Arlington on Saturday mornings, presumably for exercise.
Watching the president's helicopters

Then it was time for Max to get his breakfast:
Bottle work

It's important to take time out during feeding sessions to play. Important to me, that is; I'm not sure whether this is approved procedure. Max enjoys playing the "hand game", where I help him clap his hands.
Andreas & Max

Then we tried Max in a couple of other positions:
Bottle work

In the end, Max managed just a few sips from the bottle, despite gumming enthusiastically at it. We blame the bottle's slow-flow nipple; at the noon feeding we'll try a turbo nipple for a change. It is true that our friend D. ("the baby whisperer") is able to get Max to take the entire bottle without resorting to high-throughput nipple technology, but it's possible she doesn't have to contend with the same distractions that we do:
No pants, no service