Monday, May 4, 2009

Max is babbling a lot more

Max & the rattle
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Just a couple of weeks ago, while still at the HSC, we thought we heard Max emit his first few coos. Last week, at our first appointment, the pediatrician coaxed a few gurgles out of Max. She then asked us whether we had heard him using consonants. Who knew the fricative was such a developmental milestone?

Over the past few days, Max has been babbling a lot more. I've been listening for consonants but I can't pick them out of the liquid stream-of-consciousness speaking style Max prefers. I'll leave it to the pediatrician to decide later this week. In the pre-dawn darkness today I tried to capture his logorrhea, but Max broke off his monologue to play with the video camera and the rattle. I'll be on the lookout for my next chance. In the meantime, please enjoy Max being alternatively delighted and frightened by his rattle.

His babbling has an edge of tension to it: if you weren't looking at him, you would think that he was crying, or getting ready to. But he does it all with a big smile on his face, and he usually doesn't break into tears, so he must not be in distress.

On a related note, Max is fascinating by people talking. Carolyn and I were chatting in the kitchen and we noticed his head tracking from speaker to speaker, like at a tennis match. We've seized on this interest to also make a big deal out of eating. "You see, Max, mommy and I are using our mouths ... to eat ... and we've got big smiles on our faces so it must be fun". He doesn't seem ready to give up the tube just yet though.