Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Job posting

Wanted: High-energy, goal-driven achiever to support a young, high-growth entrepreneurial enterprise. Duties include scheduling visits by, and managing the egos of, multiple medical professionals, negotiating and manipulating interlocking bureaucracies, planning, executing and tracking complex financial transactions, and operating light machinery. Must be able to divide accurately by 43.

Max could really use a professional manager to schedule and track all of his appointments, therapists, medical records, hospital visits, insurance forms and so forth. For now, he'll have to make do with just us and our total inability to divide accurately by 43.

I'm thinking of Max's schedule because we finally had a physical therapist come to visit. The HSC team had suggested that Max receive physical therapy twice weekly. The available physical therapists in Arlington are so overwhelmed with other patients that this was the first possible appointment, and we will not be seeing this therapist again.

That said, Max had a great time, and Carolyn felt that she learned a lot of new techniques from the therapist. The therapist noted that Max's cognitive awareness and ability have outstripped his physical frailties. He isn't able to reach for the toy, but he clearly wants the toy, and this is a good sign.

Among the toys that Max really likes are, of course, his feet. The therapist at one point brought Max's feet up near his face. He reached out and grabbed them, the first time he's done so.