Saturday, August 22, 2009

Chicken pox and possibly unrelated personality developments

Today marked the fifth morning we saw Max with chicken pox. He continues to be very happy during the day, albeit a little restless and uncomfortable at night. Max got his last antiviral doses today. I don't know if the fancy new medicines are responsible, but, knock on wood, this hasn't been that severe a case of the chicken pox. So far.

Max is also shedding some of the personality traits I associated with his early stint as a sort of orphanage baby. Babies at the mercy of caregivers with lots of other patients don't cry when left alone. (This is alienates the caregiver.) Instead, they wait until an adult swims into view again and give them their best happy smile. Max is now starting to take us for granted (as well he should) and, if we walk away from him, will complain loudly. Good for him.

Another new development I noticed while putting him to bed tonight is his habit of babbling all sorts of fantastic syllables as he's drifting off to sleep. When he's awake he sticks to "dadada", usually in response to an "ahdadada" from one of us. Interesting that he's more adventurous when he thinks no-one is listening.

Here's a closeup of Max's face, showing off his pox.

Pox, Day 5

Chicken Pox, Day 5