Monday, August 10, 2009

A visit to the neurosurgeon

Max's checkup with the neurosurgeon today went well. His last visit was in early June, and if Max's head growth stayed on a "regular" growth curve, his head circumference should have been "49 and some change" today, in the words of the doc back in June. And today, Max's head measured 49.5 cm. And just as importantly, Max was bright and charming during the appointment. The doc felt Max's fontanelle (soft, slightly sunken), asked about Max's developmental progress, checked his eye movements following motion, etc. (No CT scan today.) The doc said Max looked great, that we should continue to monitor him, and return for another assessment in 3 months, when we will get another CT scan. If we see any signs of increased intracranial pressure (e.g. listlessness, forceful vomiting, full/hard fontanelle, downward gaze, lack of developmental progress), then we return sooner.

Max put up with the day gamely, even though every time he went to sleep, it was time to do something (get in the car, see the doctor, arrive home) and so he didn't get much rest today. So tonight, for the first night in quite awhile, he seems to be sleeping somewhat peacefully fo far. We think he is totally exhausted. Big performance today.