Friday, August 7, 2009

Time flies

Where has the last month gone? We aren't quite sure. Keeping everything running at home and at work has been all-consuming (as if it wasn't before) and blog posts fell by the wayside. We will try to do better in the future, though it might mean shorter posts and also relatively more posts from me.

Where to start to catch up? In many ways, Max is a different kid than he was as of the last post. He has gained about a pound (he is now about 17 lbs), is stronger overall, and is actually taking a bottle without making a face like we are trying to poison him. He has increased endurance for time on his tummy, enjoys his exersaucer, and increasingly has better head control and fine motor control. In other ways, not much has changed. His reflux is still troublesome, still has his NG tube for feeding, still is taking about the same volume by mouth (about 1/8 to 1/4 of his total volume needs).

On the doc front: We visit the neurosurgeon on Monday for a check-in. the GI doc says that a G-tube at this point wouldn't be appropriate, given that Max is still having reflux problems. We need to plan for at least another 3 months with the NG tube. This is traumatic for both Max and us when we need to re-insert it, but at least in the short run it is better (presumably) than surgeries.

Max's personality gets stronger and funnier by the day. He thinks that squirting bath toys are hilarious, loves being tickled, and loves gnawing on stuffed animals. In fact, Max likes gnawing on pretty much everything Oh, and he has two new bottom teeth.