Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Endurance tests

One measure of Max's increasing head control is the time he can endure in his exercise saucer. It provides him absolutely no head support, but it has plenty of fun toys as an incentive. When we first put Max in the saucer, he was only able to play for brief periods, and would frequently pause to rest his head on the edge of the saucer.

A couple of weeks ago I plopped Max in the saucer and turned on my video camera. The result was about 30 minutes of footage. In the end, it was my endurance that gave out and I took Max outside for a walk before he pooped out on the saucer. I edited out the repetitive parts but still wound up with a 10 minute home movie which, I know, is really long. (Link here; or see below.)

The therapists have asked us to decrease Max's time in the exercise saucer because it does not push him to increase tone in his trunk (i.e. the core body). So the marathon session captured on this video is likely Max's last for a while.

My advice is to watch the first minute and then skip ahead to minute 9:30 where, for just a few seconds, Max switches on his full charm.

Max in the exercise saucer from Codered Summer on Vimeo.