Friday, February 20, 2009

Evening update (Friday 2/20)

Today marks Max's 17th week in the NICU.

After having a few more vomiting bouts last night, the doctors dialed back the volume that Max is fed to 75 cc (from 85 cc), and also increased the time the feed goes in (from 45 minutes to 60 minutes). At least while I was with Max today, he seemed more comfortable with this and even exhibited some hunger signs before a feed was due to start. As of 10:30 tonight, he had managed to keep all his food down since about 6 a.m. With the aid of a suppository this morning, Max got his bowels moving and that seemed to give him some relief, too.

Today during rounds the doctors decided, at Nurse J.'s suggestion, to allow Max to have his temperature taken just once every 12 hours, instead of once every 3 hours (the protocol since he was born). Max is increasingly irritated at having the thermometer jammed up under his arm, so I know he will be happy about this decision. Also, they decided to unhook his pulse oximeter from his foot. This too has been attached to him since birth. The doctors think that his oxygen saturations are high enough and stable enough to warrant not having to monitor this continuously. Finally, the doctors said that Max could take brief trips outside the NICU in a stroller or sling. This both thrills and terrifies me.

Otherwise, today in the NICU was pretty uneventful and that's just the way we like it. With no therapy appointments at all, Max and I played and exercised a little bit before each feed started, and he slept in my arms while his feeds went in. I tried two bottle feedings. The first one was fairly successful, with Max taking about 10 cc. On the second attempt, I didn't even put the bottle to his mouth (thus it may not count as an attempt) because he wasn't showing any interest at all. I left him at the end of the day on his tummy on the wedge, with his eyes wide open, checking out the action of the NICU. Tonight, Nurse R. reports that Max sat on her lap for awhile and helped her find some things online.