Saturday, February 21, 2009

Evening Update (Saturday 2/21)

Carolyn went into the NICU this morning to spend the day with Max. Nurse AGENCY NURSE (according to her name tag) seemed a little confused about Max's treatment, but Carolyn was there to make sure that Max got the right amount of food over the right time.

Max seemed to be tolerating his new, slower feeding schedule. He and Carolyn had a vigorous play session, and then he took 10 ccs by bottle. After that, he conked out and slept soundly.

The NICU attending didn't seem to be overly concerned by last night's 0.50 cm increase in Max's head circumference. His fontanel still feels "fine". Carolyn and I think that on Monday the normal NICU team will order an MRI and CT scan to determine whether Max's hydrocephalus has gotten dramatically worse or he's merely going through a growth spurt.