Sunday, February 1, 2009

Evening Update (Sunday 2/1)

Carolyn spent the day with Felix, so I went in to see Max this evening after work. When I got there, I found Max just waking up from a day-long nap. (It seems he was pretty active last night.) Nurse J. reports that Max had a very comfortable day. He didn't seem to be in distress while I was there, and he had had practically no desats over the course of the day. Perhaps he spent the day focusing inward, controlling his reflux or just finding a comfortable position in which to sleep. He woke up for a little while after I picked him up. We blinked at each other for a while and then we sang the hoecake song. He drifted to sleep and only woke up again when they kicked me out at 7:00 PM for the shift change.

From my close examination, Max's eyes are looking more and more like his brother's.