Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Evening update (Tuesday 2/24)

Today marks Max's 4th month in the NICU. Unfortunately, he celebrated without either of his parents. I was not feeling well and so stayed at home to rest and go to the doc to get tested for strep (negative); Andreas had to work.

Max managed to have a big day though: OT this morning, when he raised a rattle to his mouth and generally showed good progress from when the therapist started working with him a week or so ago; ST at noon, when he took 10 cc; two separate sessions being held by volunteers; a poop on his own without the assistance of a suppository; and a CT scan late this afternoon. He had a large emesis (about 30 cc) last night around 1 a.m., and a few more smaller ones today. We're not sure whether he was more excited, getting jostled, couldn't handle the higher caloric content of his formula which started today at noon, or something else.

Max is due to be seen tomorrow by a pediatric neurosurgeon, who will review the CT scan, chart, and Max himself. Up until now (for reasons that aren't entirely clear to us), Max has been followed by a "plain" neurosurgeon. As the shunt drumbeat seems to be picking up, we asked that a pediatric neurosurgeon be consulted, because we would want this doctor to perform the surgery if needed and follow Max throughout his childhood.