Thursday, February 19, 2009

Evening Update (Thursday 2/19)

I got to see Max's new crib today because I came over for our meeting with the pediatric neurologist. The crib really does loom over the neighboring lucite boxes and it really is much more comfortable and spacious than the infant cribs. I can see why Carolyn enjoys it so much.

Max was not tolerating his latest feeding regimen: 85 ccs over 45 minutes. He vomited 5 times yesterday culminating a complete stomach-emptying blast while Carolyn was holding him. Dr. R. was nearby and immediately went to feel Max's fontanel to check to see if his hydrocephalus had gotten worse. However, it appeared okay, and Dr. R. said that Max was not projectile vomiting. She ordered the volume of his feeds decreased to 75 ccs, although she kept the feed time compressed to 45 minutes.

Because of his spectacular emesis, Max had an empty belly and he and Carolyn were able to play uninterrupted for more than hour without fear of upsetting his stomach. Carolyn reports that he was a delight, and that he tracked her movements and voice, and turned his head to watch her, rather than merely moving his eyes. He needs a strong neck to support that huge head of his.

Another side benefit of Max's big vomit was that, for the very first time in his life, Max felt hungry. He responded exactly as a baby should, by rooting vigorously. He sucked hard on Carolyn's finger, and brought up his hands to grasp her wrist and keep her hand in place. (We're told this kind of centering behavior is desirable in infants.) Carolyn offered him a bottle and he ate like a champion. Carolyn gave him 15 ccs, but he clearly was in the mood for more. However, given the fragility of his stomach, the rest of his feed went in by tube.

Thus, a happy and successful end to an otherwise fairly depressing day. It is a father's right to believe that his son will beat long odds to win out in the end. However, Max has already done so several times. I'm just trying to keep up with him.