Sunday, January 18, 2009

Evening update (Sunday 1/18)

I told Carolyn that she would have to begin her description of the day this way: "As I drove to Georgetown under leaden skies with the constant drone of unseen helicopters..." but she said that was no way to describe Washington this weekend. True, the weather isn't great, and the security precautions have to be seen to be believed, but the city is full of happy people. Carolyn got caught in a mysterious traffic jam this morning; the Post website carried the pictures of the big party on the Mall.

Today was Max's first day back on a compressed feeding schedule; the NICU team are starting him off slowly with his feeds compressed to two hours every three hours--just barely faster than the continuous drip he'd been getting before. Carolyn reports that he had a few very brief desats but was otherwise breathing easily. We've gotten used to seeing Max go hours and hours without a desat, so this was a little disheartening. Nonetheless, Max's breathing is much easier than it was a week ago. We're hoping he gets the hang of keeping his food out of his lungs.

In other news, Carolyn concedes that Max's eyes aren't blue anymore, but she thinks they haven't settled down yet. They'll either be grey or, possibly, hazel.

At the late night phone call we learnt from nurse C. that he is breathing easily with no desats. She gave him a bath ("he was mad at me!") and then fell asleep.