Thursday, January 29, 2009

Morning update (Thursday 1/29)

At the 2:00 AM call we learnt that the NICU team had decreased Max's feeding schedule to 120 minutes. Even before last night's double brady he was having trouble tolerating feeds over 90 minutes. This is a setback, and raises the chances in our mind that the NICU team are going to recommend a type of surgery to correct Max's reflux. This is a situation that Carolyn calls a race against time---will Max be able to regulate himself before the NICU team really insist on surgery? This has happened at least twice before, with his hydrocephalus and his intestinal defects. In those cases, he was able to figure out how to control his CSF system and his digestion before the surgeons were able to get to him. We're hoping for the same hair's-breadth escape this time.