Sunday, January 25, 2009

Evening Update (Sunday 1/25)

With the sainted Dr. B. now replaced by the more minatory Dr. K. the NICU feels a little more dangerous. However, so far Max continues to make progress. The NICU team compressed his feeds to 90 minutes this morning. He spit up a little of his first feeding at this new speed, although Carolyn feels that the foul-smelling vitamins he was also given played a role. If you'd smelled them, you would have vomited too is her view. The NICU team have also put Max's reglan "on hold" because his stools were somewhat runny.

Carolyn gave Max a mani/pedi (the NICU team don't clip toenails/fingernail as a rule). She observed--and a couple of nurses have also reported--that Max doesn't that interested in his pacifier any more. Something to work on with the speech therapists. Carolyn also reports that Max was pretty drowsy all day. Max and Carolyn did however read The Very Hungry Caterpillar, and Max enjoyed the last page, where the caterpillar wakes up as a butterfly.