Saturday, January 17, 2009

What color are those eyes?

Carolyn and I had a heated debate yesterday via text message about the color of Max's eyes. Carolyn thinks that they're still blue. I think that they were never the blue of an adult, that when Max was born 10 weeks early his eyes were passing through a phase not meant to be seen. To me, his eyes look dark violet, they were the unnerving eyes of a spaceman.

But now that Max has marked more then 12 weeks since he was born he's beginning to look like a real baby. In an attempt to bring some data to bear on the question, I offer two videos that Carolyn took at the NICU today. They both run about 90 seconds each, and feature close up and extreme close up shots of Max rolling his eyes. The videos also highlight the progress Max has made. He just looks like a normal baby. You can also hear the institutional din of a NICU in the background. None of the alarms going off pertain to Max.