Thursday, January 1, 2009

ND tubes mean continuous feeding

Carolyn just phoned the NICU and got the nightly update on Max. She also reminded me that, with his new ND tube, Max is not fed every three hours as he had been. Instead, he gets a continuous trickle (20 ccs/hour) because the the duodenum cannot handle large quantities at a time. Max's food now hangs on what looks like an IV bag.

Max's night nurse, J., has had him for three nights now. She felt that his breathing was perhaps a little easier (he was "retracting" -- a sign of respiratory distress -- less often). She also thought that his head felt better, i.e. the fontanel was softer. As always we update his head circumference every night. Over the past few nights, Max's cranial growth rate has run just a little faster than the 0.5 cm/week rate that it had averaged since late November. No one seems to be concerned about this.

Finally, Carolyn informs me that Max has outgrown a lot of his preemie outfits and is now being dressed in normal newborn clothes. Can it be long before the "statistically significant" onesie reappears?

Statistically significant