Thursday, January 22, 2009

Evening Update (Thursday 1/22)

Today Max and I held hands, cuddled, sang the ABC song and other favorites, did some stretches, and napped. Max continues to tolerate his feeds (now over 105 minutes) well - no desats, bradys, tachypnea etc. While he still sounds snuffly and clearly is battling reflux, so far it does not seem to be affecting his lungs. He had a good day, perhaps buoyed by his great MRI news. The nurses and docs commented about how good and "pink" he looked, almost as if he had been transfused with more blood (he hasn't been). For those of you who miss the play-by-play on Max's stooling behaviors, you will be happy to know that he had a big day of big diapers and gas passing. The nurses could hear him from across the room and he was really stinking up the joint. Nurse L., who is taking care of Max tonight, said that he was awake this evening and looking around for stimulation from toys, nurses, anyone/thing who would give him the time of day. (Dr. B. also told me that Max seemed to notice her as she walked by yesterday, which was a big hit.) We are looking forward to having Max come home so he can get all kinds of new stimulation around here.