Friday, January 30, 2009

Max's monitor

Max's monitor
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I've been meaning to post a picture of Max's NICU monitor for quite a while. It turns out to be really hard to take a picture of a computer monitor, so I apologize for the blurriness.

The monitor tracks heart rate, respiratory rate, measured oxygen saturation and blood pressure. There's also a list of the most recent alarms. For example, one alarm line reads "DESAT 87 12:37". Max's measured oxygen saturation fell to 87 percent (below the alarm threshold of 88 percent) at 12:37. With Max's reflux increasing in severity, his desat alarms are again becoming more common. Back when his feeding tube was in his duodenum, Max almost never had a desat.

We'll bring Max home with a lower-tech version of this monitor, one that doesn't report values. I'm told it merely emits a piercing wail when one of the measures strays out of bounds.