Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The countdown begins

Carolyn had the first really concrete and serious conversation with the HSC team about Max's release data. Two forces are converging: Max's improving robustness and overall condition, and the HSC team's belief that Carolyn and I can understand and carry out the complicated feeding regimen that Max is on. Rather than wait for Max to move to a simpler regimen--one carrying fewer risks should we make mistakes--the HSC team are willing to take a chance on our diligence and attention to detail.

Although like any time line this may skip, Max may be home 10 days from now. Much depends on how he tolerates the slight tweaks to the feeding plan that they're proposing, and there are a few other variables in plan that might push Max's release date back a few days. But, barring major complications, he will be home by early May.