Saturday, April 11, 2009

Max gets a new toy (and some more visitors)

Max had a visit from his paternal grandparents today. When we arrived, the HSC was packed with families visiting. Max's room is full of babies to begin with, so there was quite a crowd and a festive mood.

My theory is that grandparents are more relaxed than their children, and this explains why they're so much fun to be around. Whatever the reason, Max really got into the spirit of playing with his grandparents. He was smiling and waving his arms around, and was particularly happy to see a new toy arrive. Then, during a vigorous game of piggy ("this little piggy..." etc), I heard Max making a kind of rusty, whistling sound. He was laughing. And with good reason: it was hilarious. But I don't think I've heard him laugh before. He also started making a few other sounds--the very first "goo goo"s I think he's made.

I tried feeding him at 3:00 PM but was notably unsuccessful. Max (and his dad) may have been a little worn out from all of his new tricks. Also, he spent most of his play session flat on his back, which can be a little hard to tolerate. Whatever the reason, he took relatively little from the bottle and vomited it all, and more, back up.