Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Facing up

Physical therapist M. has told us several times that if Max's overall tone is set to improve, we will notice improved head control first. Tone spreads from the head down. Max has severe reflux because he has a tone deficit: his brain can't communicate with his stomach and esophagus to tell them to work properly. But the esophagus and throat are far away from the head. We're waiting for Max's head control to improve before we starting hoping for significant improvement in his reflux. Not to mention, of course, that we might then also see some broader improvements. And that's why the physical therapists are so focused on Max's ability to control his head.

Carolyn had a lot of trouble getting to HSC this morning: road closures, accidents and the weather conspired to make the commute even longer than usual. When she arrived, she found the attending, Dr. Y. and physical therapist M. quite worked up. Max had picked up his head and looked up during a PT session. Speech therapist L. was there with her camera and captured a few shots of Max facing up. By extension, Max was also facing out, facing out of the HSC, facing out at his life.

In that vein, moves to get Max out of HSC are accelerating. The current timeline has him home on Thursday, April 23, 2009. The prospect of Max's impending homecoming has us scrambling to prepare for him. Long ago, we set up his room in anticipation of his arrival. Since them, it has gathered dust and suitcases (now once again banished to the attic).

April 23 will be Max's 181st day of life, making him almost exactly half a year old. It is also William Shakespeare's birthday. An auspicious day.

Here is a picture captured by speech therapist L. of Max facing up:

Max lifts his head