Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Sunday at HSC

Carolyn spent a half-day at HSC. She reports that it was quiet and empty--a big change from yesterday's crowded scene. Max had another in his string of good days. He took 30+ ccs from a bottle and only vomited back a mouthful without other incident. When Max comes home, we'll have to watch out that he doesn't aspirate (that is, inhale) his reflux.

As shown in the attached picture, Max grasped his rattle well, and even managed to get his other hand onto it a few times. He also seemed to be making progress in getting it to his mouth, which was clearly his intention.

When Carolyn left, Max was in his stroller talking to two fellow patients in his ward. Although their conversation appeared quite animated, nurse Y. reports that Max fell asleep and didn't keep up his end of the conversation.