Friday, April 3, 2009

Max enjoys kicking

When Carolyn phoned the HSC for the regular 3:00 AM update, she learnt that Max had just woken up and was kicking, which appears to be his new hobby. Strangely, the prospect of a daily 5:00 AM wakeup call (the schedule as I understood it yesterday) is sort of frightening, I actually think the 3:00 AM call will be sort of fun. After all, that's the one hour of the night where absolutely everyone is guaranteed to be asleep, except, of course for Carolyn.

Max had another back-to-back PT/OT session in the playroom. Therapists M & H said he had a good time, and was in better spirits than yesterday. M said that Max is doing much better controlling his head. Carolyn notices that Max does better with his physical coordination when he appears to pause and concentrate on his next move. He may be thinking through the nerve impulses required to activate the muscles he needs.

Here is a video of Max kicking and enjoying himself: