Thursday, April 2, 2009

Max's sleeping schedule

With the prospect of having Max home now quite real, Carolyn and I have become keenly interested in Max's sleeping schedule. At Georgetown he had his days and nights backwards, probably because the night shift were able to lavish him with attention. The HSC staff report that Max goes to sleep around 8:00 PM or so and wakes up around 5:00 AM. I don't know whether that's good or not. A 5:00 AM wakeup calls isn't anything to look forward to, but there are worse alternatives.

Carolyn checked out one of the HSC's "family apartments" today. These are fully functional apartments where parents and siblings can practice caring for an HSC patient before bringing them home. Families pretend to be at home, coping with the needs of their child on their own, but do so inside the HSC, with help only a shout away. Like everything else at HSC, the family apartments are marvellous--easily nicer than any apartment we've lived in.