Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Felix visits again

I got into work ridiculously early this morning, so I took the opportunity to talk to the HSC attending. One reason I could never be a doctor: Getting to work at 6:00 AM is brutal enough. Sounding perky on the phone at such an insalubrious hour? Impossible. But the secret to getting a doctor's attention is catch them early. I talked to Dr. Y. about our fear that Max was facing a long period of institutionalization. She assured me that she thought Max would be home in a month no matter how he does on his upcoming feeding trial. The HSC's decision to discharge patients depends ultimately on their determination that the children have a feeding regimen appropriate to their home environment. It's sort of remarkable if you think about it: they won't discharge infants who need a complex and potentially dangerous feeding regimen unless they think the parents are capable of handling it. Although I think we're on safe ground with the HSC team, I'm going to watch my step around them and cut back on the smart-aleckness.

In other news, Felix paid a return visit to the HSC and Max. Once again, the protocol secretaries worked overtime to provide both potentates with a positive and stimulating experience. Felix and Max had a great time in each other's presence (hard to say that they played "together"). Max's friend N. (secretly: the child & family life specialist) brought a bubble blower to the playroom and Felix got to blow bubbles inside, something not normally allowed at home. Max looked on with great interest and smiled encouragingly when Felix lugged over the resident stuffed dinosaur toy, which loomed over Max's stroller like Godzilla over Tokyo.