Sunday, April 5, 2009

The smile code

Carolyn spent the day with Max--I had another all-day meeting to attend. She reports that Max was extremely smiley. We were debating whether he smiles more at this age than Felix did. We think he does, although it's not clear why. Maybe Max thinks he has a lot to be happy about.

Max kept down all three of his feeds today, good news on the eve of his feeding trial. When Carolyn starts to feed Max she reports that he is often quite disorganized. However, when given a finger to suck on he calms down and concentrates on eating.

As a side effect of the feeding trial, we probably won't be able to play vigorously with Max, so Carolyn took advantage of the current situation to take him to the playroom for a workout. He didn't enjoy tummy time very much, but he did well trying to roll over. Carolyn reports that he still has a little cough, but that it might be a bit better.

Tomorrow the HSC team starts his feeding trial with a continuous slow drip into his stomach. If he tolerates this, they will start compressing the feedings. We look forward to seeing whether Max's reflux has improved over the past month.