Thursday, April 9, 2009

Max loses a little weight

Nutritionist S. has just one mission in life: to make sure HSC patients get sufficient nutrition to gain weight as appropriate. She told me once that she doesn't care how they get it (bottle, NG tube, NJ tube etc), so long as she can control the volume and nature of the food going into the child. She views babies as machine for converting food into weight/length. She's been quite happy with Max's progress, and she was dismayed to report that Max had lost weight over the previous week. She will redouble her efforts, including further fortifying his milk. It's nothing serious, of course. S. will increase Max's calorie intake.

Max continues to do well on his NG tube feeding. So far as we know, he hasn't thrown up all day today. And when you find yourself writing a sentence like that, you know you've spent way too much time in a hospital.