Saturday, March 28, 2009

Bath day, take two

Carolyn spent most of the day with Max. He was happy, smiling, playing and generally very happy to see his mother again. He was, however, wearing hospital clothes, despite his father's best efforts to keep up with his laundry. I asked Carolyn whether she'd noticed a change in Max since she'd been away; interestingly, she noticed more of a change in Felix, who is currently going through the standard exponential flowering of verbal skills that always amazes and delights parents. Max, she thinks, is as cute as ever.

Carolyn did get to watch Max get bath, even though he wasn't due for another until tomorrow. Max's nursery (shared with up to five other babies) has a deep sink designed for bathing babies. The nurse showed Carolyn how to give Max a bath--it turns out there's nothing special about bathing a special-needs child at this age. At some point in the future, as Max grows and if he doesn't get control of his head and trunk, we may need some extra equipment. But for now, he just needs the standard bath that parents have been giving newborns since the dawn of time.

In other news, Max's special friend from Georgetown, Nurse R., may be paying him a visit in the next few days. Given Max's interest in grown-ups, we expect this to be a big hit. Just look at him hamming it up in this picture from his last days at Georgetown:

Graduating from the NICU