Sunday, March 15, 2009

A quiet day

It was a rainy and quiet day in Washington (aside from the St. Patrick's Day parade, way over on the other side of town). Max also had a quiet day, and really concentrated on eating. He got down 40 ccs at his 3:00 PM feeding--he appeared to be getting hungrier throughout the day. As of 10:30 PM he hadn't vomited any of his feeds back. I think this means he's gone more than 24 hours without an emesis.

His diurnal schedule seems to be aligning with the rest of the world's. He's alert during the day more, and the HSC team report that he's asleep most of the night now. The natural light coming in through his window (even if filtered through rain clouds) and the HSC's own schedule are very different from, and more salubrious than, the environment at Georgetown.