Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The long good-bye

The HSC didn't have a place for Max today after all, so he'll be spending at least a few more days at Georgetown. Now that we can't get in, it turns out that the thing we want most is to go to HSC. I'm not sure if the bed scheduled to come open didn't because the patient didn't leave, or because we were pipped at the post by another baby. No matter, this is something we can't control so we're not worrying about it. This does mean I have more time to work on my adaptation of a children's book that I'm calling "Goodnight NICU". ("In the great beige room/there was a monitor/and three little interns/doing their homework..." you see, it's not as easy as you might think.)

In other news, Max had a minor procedure today that normally happens to much younger boys. Say, boys aged eight days or younger. He'll be uncomfortable for a couple of days and not able to sleep in his favorite position, but, from prior experience, we expect him to quickly recover.