Thursday, March 12, 2009

Laundry day at HSC

I spent the afternoon at HSC with Max. I haven't spent this much time with him for at least a week, if not longer. I may have caught him at a good time but I was struck by how much Max is interested in people, especially in making eye contact and getting a smile out of passersby. This kind of hypersocial behavior is something new. For the first time, I was the recipient of one of Max's delighted toothless grins.

Max was awake and happy for almost all of my visit--several hours in a row. I felt guilty about not taking advantage of his relaxed and alert state so I put Max through several sets of stretching exercises designed to help his range of motion. I also gave him a rattle to grip and wave around, something he enjoyed doing. Finally, under the watchful eye of speech therapist L. I gave Max a bottle at 3:00. He did well, taking 15 ccs before needing to be burped. As is his pattern, he lost interest after his initial burst of enthusiasm.

I brought home a pile of dirty clothes and washed them. I'll take them back tomorrow; I think I'll just miss the shame of having a child dressed in hospital-provided clothing. It all depends on whether Max spits up on his last remaining clean outfit tonight. With the night feeding running through his nj tube, I think it unlikely.