Saturday, March 14, 2009

CPR training video

Carolyn drove straight to HSC from the airport, and spent about six hours with Max today. He gave her a huge smile when she walked in. Carolyn put Max through some of the new exercises physical therapist M. suggested yesterday, as well as a full set of the standard exercises. They played and otherwise had a nice afternoon. Max took 20 ccs by bottle from Carolyn and then slept for an hour. When he woke up he was in obvious pain from reflux: arching his back, wailing inconsolably and making chewing motions with his mouth. It's really unfair that 20 ccs--just four teaspoons--of milk would cause him so much pain an hour and more after he ate it. Carolyn and the HSC nurses tried a variety of remedies for reflux (the wedge, different positions, patting the bottom, etc) but none really helped. Carolyn and I find it difficult to leave Max when he's crying hysterically, but in the end she had to in order to spend the evening with Felix.

The other development of interest today was that Carolyn asked to disconnect Max from his leads and take him around HSC. The HSC team do this routinely (Max had just returned from a 10 minute expedition to the playroom when I arrived yesterday). However, for a parent to get the keys to the car, they have to pass an infant CPR course. Nurse C. showed Carolyn the video; Carolyn tried to pay attention while holding a somewhat fussy Max. Then Carolyn decided not to take the associated practical exam because of time constraints. The prospect of being able to take Max for untethered space walks is a strong incentive for us; we'll try to pass the test this week so we can show him more of the HSC world.