Thursday, March 26, 2009

Max sleeping like a baby

When I got to HSC this afternoon, I found Max deeply asleep (see video). Shortly after I arrived the sales team from Kid Kart showed up. Kid Karts are strollers that hold babies upright and support their heads. Each one, in principle, is customized for a given baby's dimensions and specific needs. (For example, Max doesn't need the attachments for foot splints.)

Around 4:00 PM nutritionist S. dropped by to say that she had some very urgent news for me and that she wanted to make sure I would be around at 4:30 when a meeting she was going to was scheduled to end. Had any other specialist--physical/speech.occupational therapists for example--made a similar scheduling, I would have been in agony for the thirty minutes while waiting their return. However, I reasoned that there was literally nothing bad a nutritionist could tell me. And indeed, S. just wanted to tell me about some technical adjustments to Max's nighttime feeding schedule and technology (he may be getting a pump instead of the usual drip bag).

I put Max through a mild PT workout, had some tummy time and worked on head control with him. Max was unable to complete a few of the exercises (e.g. lifting his head). But he never stopped trying; I had to give him a break after he'd struggled continuously for five minutes. After all that, he was ready to burrow into my armpit and take a much-deserved nap.