Friday, March 27, 2009

Bath day

I arrived at HSC this afternoon just after Max had gotten his 3:00 PM bottle. He was sleeping on his stomach but clearly dreaming of something. I let him sleep for a while. However, it was bath day so whenever Max woke up L. and I were going to give him a bath. (The HSC follows the dictum of letting sleeping babies lie, something I appreciate.) When I left for a previously scheduled conference call Max was still sleeping. When I got back, he was in his stroller and wearing a new outfit. I missed the bath. It's not a total tragedy however; bath day is every other day at HSC so I look forward to more opportunities.

Max and I played with his moose and his rattle. I took advantage of his position in the stroller to wheel him around the room. The nurses like to keep him in his stroller where he can see them. Max really enjoys watching people at work. It seems that he gets upset when left in his crib with nothing but a mobile to stare at.

Tomorrow Max has an even bigger day than bath day---he'll get to see his mother again after several days' absence.