Saturday, March 21, 2009

Max's new room

After hearing about the long waiting list to get into HSC, and the delays in getting admitted, we expected an absolutely packed facility. But, in fact, there are plenty of empty beds. Much like the Georgetown NICU, when the number of patients dips below a certain threshold, they consolidate everyone into one room. So it was that today Max moved to the other preemie express room. Fortunately he got exactly the same position near a window that he had before. However, with four other babies, it is a bit noisier than his old room.

Max did well with his bottle feeding today, taking more than 30 ccs (that's two tablespoons) before conking out. While he continues to be in distress from reflux, Max seems to have given up his habit of vomiting back up 20+ ccs, probably because his food is now mainly bypassing his stomach altogether.

Below is a picture of Max and a visitor enjoying each other's company.
Max and Kerry