Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Max studies swallowing

Max Sees the Sun
Originally uploaded by andreas.lehnert
For perhaps only the second or third time in his life, Max went a day without seeing either Carolyn or me.

He had another outing to Children's today (his third of the week), for a barium study of his ability to swallow. The HSC team were looking for signs that Max aspirates--i.e. inhales--his food while being bottle fed. Second-hand reports are that Max showed no signs of getting his lungs and stomach confused. However, he did throw up all of the barium they fed him. As Carolyn said: Who wouldn't?

I leave you with this video, taken during yesterday's trip back from Children's Max is staring out the window at the sky, trees and sun. At the very end, the van enters a sunny patch of road and Max catches a blast of sun directly in the face. I think his expression is one of delight.