Friday, March 20, 2009

Trip to the playroom

Tonight's agenda includes figuring out how to download pictures from the new camera. So far, we haven't taken very many of Max, but no doubt that will change as soon as we find the software settings to take the camera out of the mode designed to optimize photographs of fireworks displays (this is a poor way to photograph people in daylight, in case you were curious).

Max is either becoming fussier (perhaps because he's bored), or his reflux is getting worse. He didn't eat very much at his three bottle feeds today. Carolyn reports that while he slept for a while after his noon feed, after about 30 minutes he started arching his back and wailing. She asked the HSC attending, Dr. H., to check to make sure all of Max's medicine doses had been updated for his weight.

Carolyn took Max on a little trip to the playroom, their first unaccompanied jaunt. They had some tummy time and then Carolyn helped Max sit up and work on his head control. The presence of a couple of other very upset older babies kept Max from fully enjoying the experience, but he nonetheless seemed to have a good time. It certainly exhausted him, and he was deeply asleep in Carolyn's arms before they had taken the six steps back to his room.