Sunday, March 8, 2009

HSC: Who, Where, What

HSC is a low-intensity hospital for infants and young children. It specializes in strengthening infants with disabilities and their parents for transition from a high-intensity hospital to home. The HSC staff is heavily weighted towards therapists and nurses, and has relatively fewer doctors. The building is located about a mile past Children's Hospital in north-east Washington. The HSC is currently staffed on a rotating basis by attendings from the peds hospital service at Children's. Many HSC patients frequently see specialists at Children's, so they run a shuttle transport service to Children's.

Fun fact: "HSC" is an anachronistic acronym (or initialism); it once stood for "Hospital for Sick Children" but now stands for "Health Services for Children". The old name was considered too depressing and redundant anyway: who ever heard of a hospital for well children? By the time the parent organization of HSC decided to change the name, the phrase "HSC" was too deeply ingrained into Washington's medical community, so they had to keep the initials.

Here's a link to the HSC website.