Friday, March 13, 2009

Shaky video day

I didn't get to spend as much time with Max as I would have wanted today because I got to HSC a little later than planned, and I then fell into a deep conversation with his physical therapist, M. She gave me photocopied handouts describing exercises to help Max control his head, his next goal. He's shown some early signs of interest, but of course he will take more neck muscles before he can routinely lug that huge head of his around.

Max's older brother recently destroyed my camera and I've been unable to buy a replacement because I'm paralyzed by the range of cheap, high-quality products available for purchase. Capitalism has been getting a bad rap lately, but it certainly does produce excellent cameras.

However, Max's older brother has not gotten his paws on my video camera. I'm embedding two videos (direct links here and here) that I took this afternoon. I've been trying to get Max to smile for the camera. But in the first video he's hungry and in the second video he's sated and sleepy.

Oh yes, I fed Max by bottle. He took 11 ccs from me and kept them down (at least while I was there). Earlier in the day he'd taken 28 ccs from nurse M. and kept that down as well. He's starting to approach his peak consumption at Georgetown.