Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Bonus head circumference post

I'm practicing for when Max comes home by not sleeping. Actually, I was pretty anxious to see what had happened to Max's head circ. I called the NICU a few minutes ago. Max is doing really well. Nurse K. measured his head circumference: it fell -0.5cm and is back to 34.5.

Caution: to the NICU team, this is just sideways; it's within the margin of measurement error so they characterize it as "the same as yesterday". Yesterday, you'll recall, we were all depressed because Max's head circ had increased +0.5cm from 34.5cm to 35.0cm.

Nonetheless, I'll sleep better tonight for it. (But Carolyn will sleep worse for it because I'm going to wake her up and tell her.)