Sunday, December 7, 2008

Evening update (Sunday, 12/7)

Another relatively stable day for Max today. Head circumference staying stable tonight at 34.5 cm. The desatting pattern continues -- for the most part, Max desats only briefly and then gets himself back up to good levels. He does need some occasional help though. Max is tolerating his feeds well (only 1 cc or so of residual in his stomach each time, and no spitting up). No BMs since Saturday at 6 p.m. We we're hoping that he gets himself together and gets the mail moving. He is now getting 40 cc of milk over 1 hour, and at the 3 p.m. feeding today they started fortifying the milk. This is about the point where trouble started last time, though it is not at all clear that the fortification was the issue. Still, the docs switched him to a different kind of fortification, one that is more easily digested.

Max now weighs 2460 grams, or 5.4 lbs.

I got to hold Max for a few hours today, and also made him do his calisthenics and suck on a pacifier (that's hard work!). Nurse Leah has agreed to help him with his exercise regimen tonight. Who knows whether this helps him with BMs or not, but I imagine that it does.

Max was holding his own at the NICU while brother Felix had his 2-year birthday party at home with his cousins and a few friends.