Saturday, December 6, 2008

Evening update (Saturday 12/6)

Things are pretty much the same. Max is tolerating his feeds well, with little residuals. He is now getting 36cc of milk over an hour, every 3 hours. No fortification yet, just milk. Still on caffeine, the anti-reflux medicine, and the antibiotics. Head circumference measurement tonight is back to 34.5 cm; this is either an increase of +0.5 cm or it just reverses last night's erroneous measurement showing a decrease. Either way, it's unchanged from two nights ago. We'll update the chart soon.

Both Andreas and I were in at different times today to hold Max during his feeds, change diapers, do exercises, etc. Max continues to have many brief episodes of oxygen de-saturations, but he bounces back up quickly on his own. He doesn't appear in distress during these desats, and they don't (we're told) present a danger of injury unless they fall below 80, and then for a "prolonged" period. (How long is "prolonged"? Five minutes? Ten? Opinons differ, but more than just the few seconds Max needs to pull out of those episodes.) Max may need some time to figure out how to breathe without support, or he may need to go back to using a canula for a while.

Max pooped like a champion today, so we are optimistic that he is getting his GI system in order.

His yeast infection continues to be pretty well contained, and he looked less oedemous.