Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Bonus update (Tuesday 12/9)

I just spoke to Carolyn, who had caucused with Max's NICU team. No-one appears particularly worried about the increase in Max's head circumference. Indeed, one neonat attending felt Max's fontanels and said they "felt better" than they had last week. It's a tiny shred of good news. But, for reference, normal head circumference growth at this age is 0.5 cm to 1.0 cm per week. They plan to measure again tonight before deciding whether or not to tap him. They've also scheduled a head ultrasound for either tomorrow or just "later this week".

The NICU team are very encouraged by Max's output. They're increasing the volume and speed of his feeds. He'll be getting 45 ccs starting at noon; at first, this will be delivered over the course of 60 minutes, decreasing to 30 minutes. For now they will hold the supplemental fortification constant, but may consider increasing it if Max continues to produce.

Carolyn reports that his oedema is much decreased (I haven't changed a diaper in a few days so I couldn't check it out myself). His yeast infection is also much better.